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What Makes LED Your Facility’s Best Friend?


So I’d be lying if I told you I have a new way for you to save money. I do have a suggestion alright, but by no means is it a new discovery. In fact, LEDs have been around for almost 40 years. You get so used to hearing things like ‘use LED and save’ or ‘choose LED, your environment will thank you’. But do you ever stop and ask why? In this blog post we will get down to the nitty-gritty and expose some definite reasons your facility will benefit from installing LED dock lights. If you are seeking an increase in energy-savings and a decrease in utility costs then you really ought to pay attention to this post:

LEDs do more for you than simply light

LEDs are not only extremely versatile, produced in virtually millions of colors; LEDs are in a word,LED lamp different. Other types of lights work by heating a fragile filament until it radiates heat and ends up wasting a lot of energy. Whereas, LEDs convert an electrical current directly into light so less energy is wasted. Instead of burning out, LEDs gradually just omit lower levels of energy, until finally they need to be replaced but the difference between the lamp life of an LED and other light forms is astronomical.

Six LED facts

  1. LEDs restrike instantly after a power interruption
  2. Lamp life of an LED light could last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours
  3. LEDs are a solid state device and contain no moving parts, eliminating risk of breaking
  4. LEDs reduce the need for power plants which in turn reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment
  5. LEDs contain no mercury and are Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)-compliant
  6. LEDs can be disposed of and recycled in the same manner as other light
    LED dock lights bulbs

LED on the dock

When it comes to installing LEDs on your loading dock there is abundance of options to choose
from. A dock light with a flexible arm is a popular choice because it moves the lamp out of the way upon impact and allows for easy repositioning.  These lights have stainless steel flexible arms for easy positioning and durability as well as approval from the USDA for food-grade applications and use.  For the most demanding applications, a rugged, high impact LED Light is ideal and can be easily retrofitted to existing dock arms or can be mounted remotely.  This option uses only 18 watts and also meets the stringent requirements for food applications.

For any questions on LED dock lights or other APS Resource products pick up the phone and call 262-518-1000 or better yet simply click here!

Top 3 Reasons to Better Manage Dock Lights for Increased ‘Cold Storage’ Energy Savings


Ah Cold storage facilities, if you’re reading this blog chances are you’ve heard of them. Chances are even greater that you’ve heard about the high cost associated with running an energy consuming facility. A refrigerated or frozen warehouse’s energy bill can vary by thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars each month, making the need to control energy costs and increase efficiencies critical to ensure their success and survival. There are a few tricks of trade out there that will make this plight a little more accessible for you. Take a look at why controlling your dock lighting can prove to be one of the best ways to conserve energy even in a temperature controlled environment.

1.       You can’t leave with them still on and you can’t live without them
Yes, this is somewhat true of lights for your cold storage facility and if your wondering who makesLoading Dock Lights this a requirement think of the letters U-S-D-A. This regulatory agency requires lighting of good quality and sufficient intensity, to ensure that sanitary conditions are maintained and that product is not adulterated. Proper lighting must be provided: in areas where food is processed, handled, stored, or examined; where equipment and utensils are cleaned; and in hand-washing areas.  In other words, when handling food you really need to see what you and others around you are doing!
2.       Lighting headaches
Yes, and just one problem associated with lighting problems in cold storage facilities is that conventional lighting, and refrigeration or frozen systems generally work against each other. As you know, lighting generates heat and heat is never desired in a refrigeration system. In addition, lower temperatures reduce the energy efficiency of some types of bulbs. Therefore, more power is required to generate that desired illumination, which in turn increases the load on the refrigeration system.  All of this hectic activity amounts to one big expensive headache.
3.       Day and night, lights are up for debate
No two loading docks are the same, shifts vary greatly and many docks have overnight hours. Where overnight hours are concerned you must ensure that your loading dock is well lit so that when a trailer pulls up at 1a.m. the driver and the dock operators can see exactly what they need to see. The problem with incandescent bulbs is cost and consumption. Two factors that can make overnight shifts a pricey practice.

Is there a solution for all of these problems? Absolutely, thanks to LED and APS Resource you canAPS Resource E-Saver 38™ LED Replacement Lamp easily replace all of your incandescent light bulbs and get on the energy-saving bandwagon today! There are a variety of LED light solutions available such as a dock light with a flexible arm so you can easily move the lamp out of the way upon impact and allow for easy repositioning.  These lights have stainless steel flexible arms for easy positioning and durability as well as approval from the USDA for food-grade applications and use.  For the most demanding applications, a rugged, high impact LED Light is ideal and can be easily retrofitted to existing dock arms or can be mounted remotely.  This option uses only 18 watts and also meets the stringent requirements for food applications.

There is no denying the expense involved in running a temperature controlled environment, however, there are creative and proven ways to beat these costs. LEDs are one sure way to improve your energy efficiency and reduce those high utility bills.

More dock lighting questions, contact APS Resource today, click here!

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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for the Loading Dock!


Spring is such a wonderful time to freshen things up. Inject a new lease on life into your attitude, your ambitions, even your workplace. No better place to spruce things up for spring than at the loading dock. Take a look around, is your technology outdated? Is old technology holding you up and taking a chunk out of your productivity? Perhaps, your facility is leaking energy? This can occur through a loading dock’s vast array of gaps, holes and openings. Maybe you have decided it’s time to invest in an energy-efficient seal because you want to start conserving energy and maximizing profits. Read on to discover our top 5 ways to spring your loading dock into gear for a more productive and successful future:

  1. Do you need new warehouse doors? A specialized impactable dockCWbeauty
    door is designed to provide optimal energy efficiency at a lower total cost of ownership. So even after an impact this door can simply be repositioned into place and continue to function as before. A TKO impactable door comes with a unique perimeter weatherseal that incorporates a double loop seal to prevent energy loss.  The seal is attached to the door panel versus the door jamb which means it maintains a consistent seal while also helping maintain a high R-value for temperature controlled environments.
  2. Are you rapidly losing air and allowing dirt, debris, and other unwanted ‘stuff’ gain access to your facility? You could really use a superior perimeter seal along the sides and rear of your dock leveler to block the elements, dirt and debris as well as prevent energy loss. This special seal known as Energy Guard® is designed to close off the gaps between the dock leveler and concrete pit walls typically missed by traditional weather seals
  3. Are you looking to seal your loading dock off for increased energy efficiency yet you don’t want to add any stress to building walls? Perfect, then the Kelley KI-450 designed to “envelope”Kelley Inflatable Dock Shelter the back of an already docked trailer is just for you! It inflates to prevent the mass flow of cooled (or warm) air out of your facility.  A blower assembly forces air through the header and side air chambers which instantly encases the trailer. And it can be interlocked with other loading dock equipment to ensure proper operational sequence.
  4. Is it time to outshine your energy guzzling dock lights? Well then take a look at LED! The rugged High Impact LED Dock Light uses only 18 watts to deliver maximum light output for full trailer illumination while using roughly 89% less energy compared to a traditional 150 watt PAR38 incandescent light. And because it utilizes LED technology, the High Impact LED Dock Light generates considerably less heat to provide a 50,000 hour LED life expectancy which results in significant savings on utility, maintenance and replacement costs.
  5. Is spring the time for your facility to become more ergonomic? The objective of an in-plant lift  is to ‘bring the work to the worker’ and the benefits of doing so include, decreased injury, decreased worker fatigue and increased worker productivity. There are a variety of lifts to choose from and whichever one you end up deciding on will depend heavily on your specific workplace. So click on this link to get a more detailed description of each lift available.


Whether, it’s new doors, new seals, or new lifting techniques we can help you help your loading dock, warehouse, facility and employees get on track for a more efficient and productive spring with a healthy return on investment at the loading dock. Don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and let’s get cracking on our spring cleaning 2014!




How to update your Dock Levelers Even if you Hate Change


We’ve all heard the saying “change is sometimes good” but most of us also know that change can be, well – scary! You have a system and it works, okay so it might not be working to your operations full potential, but you know what, it works and for some folks that’s enough. If you’re running a facility that currently has dock levelers with outdated technology, the chances are that you are operating below your potential operational efficiency level. We have some news for you, no we aren’t going to tell you to run out and purchase an entire line of new levelers. We aren’t going to say “gut the place” everything must go! Instead, what we are proposing is a conversion to new ways.

Read on to find out how to convert your dock levelers and bump up your productivity levels today!

APS Resource has conversion and upgrade kits for many makes and models to get your dock or warehouse operating at peak efficiency.

Ready to convert, the choices:

First kit we are going to take a look at is the patented ATC Air Technology Conversion Kit. This conversion kit will not only extend the life of your old dock leveler and make it more efficient but the increase in operational efficiency will in fact lower your operating costs. Saving you on energy bills and giving you extra cash to invest elsewhere in your business.

APS ATC HTC Conversion

How does it work?

The ATC Kit can convert most major manufacturer dock levelers. It is easy to install and ATC's technology is proven safe. The airbag lifting module is made of tough, PVC-coated polyester fibers and operates without loss of performance in temperatures from -65° to +200° F, even if the bag is punctured. This type of resilience makes it ideal for the rough life on even the busiest of loading docks. Standard features include: push-button station, high-visibility maintenance strut, low-pressure fan motor, removable lifting bag assembly and lip extension mechanism. 

Second conversion option, hydraulics

In a word, easy! The HTC kit is so easy-to-operate and it gives you full hydraulic activation for your dock leveler meaning you can take that dock leveler from the dark ages into a high performance, bright future. To find out more about dock leveler hydraulic technology take a look at a previous blog post by Serco Loading Docks React Hydraulically to E-Commerce Boom.

This kit comes with features such as a 1 horsepower motor/pump assembly, hydraulic main cylinder and lip cylinder with all the necessary hoses, fittings and brackets, a convenient and easy to operate constant pressure push-button control, also a velocity fuse for emergency safety system, full range telescoping toe guards, secondary OSHA yellow maintenance strut and either single (110/230 VAC) or three phase (208-230/480 VAC).

Don’t face change alone!

We’re not in the business of handing out a completely new system and then just walking away, expecting you to know how to do everything. Not at all, if you take the plunge and decide to update your dock levelers by installing one of these kits we will work with you closely to ensure that your solution is working the way you hoped it would.

For any questions on these conversion kits or other APS Resource products pick up the phone and call 262-518-1000 or better yet simply click here!

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LDS is Rolling Innovative Loading Dock Solutions into the Nashville Area


Get ready! Loading Dock Systems – Tennessee is rolling the latest loading dock solutions into the Nashville, Tennessee area on February 20th and 21st.

Mobile Showroom

Yes that’s right, LDS will be presenting over 20 pieces of dock equipment straight from the 4Front Entrematic assembly line. All of this will take place inside the Mobile Showroom on wheels. The 53-foot beast of a trailer is fully-enclosed, temperature-controlled and specifically engineered to showcase some of the latest loading dock and warehousing innovations.  This one-of-a-kind vehicle is sure to provide an exceptional experience for all visitors. The hands-on environment was designed to educate architects, contractors, end-users and material handling professionals.

We are currently making our way to see you!  Don’t miss seeing our Mobile Showroom for yourself during our February 20th and 21st visit to Nashville Tennessee! 

Kelley Helps Market Basket out of a Tight Spot


Sometimes the perfect location for a business isn’t the perfect location for a fully functioning loading dock that can service a variety of trailer heights. So what does one do when a perfect location presents loading issues such as tight spaces, constraining areas and limited ability to accept taller or lower trailer heights? You call Kelley of course! That’s what one New England-based supermarket chain did and found themselves a versatile, cost-effective solution  to help them accommodate a variety of vehicle sizes for loading and unloading. Read to find out more:


Market Basket is well known throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts for their winning combination of low prices and well-merchandised stores that offer a large selection of products.  And thanks to this combination, the chain has been on an aggressive growth track over the past few years, opening up to five stores annually, with one of their more recent stores opening in Wilmington, MA.


Although the location was ideal for the new store because it was part of an existing shopping plaza, the property footprint was not optimal for shipping and receiving. The store was able to accommodate a loading dock for both dry grocery and frozen foods on its northern end, but not a dairy dock at the southern section. “The layout,” pointed out Normand Martin, Market Basket’s Director of Facilities and Planning, “meant that we couldn’t dig down to create a driveway or pit for a standard loading dock.” 

A typical dairy dock sees almost every size and style of truck imaginable, from major dairy trailers to LTL deliveries by smaller trucks delivering gourmet cheese and other specialty products.  Some of the trucks are 48”off grade, while others are 24” off grade. They even see some trucks that require the driver to off load product one case at a time by hand.


Market Basket Kelley HULK dock liftThanks to the pit-mounted 6,000 lb. capacity of the HULK Hydraulic Dock Lift they are now all accessible. A truck can pull up to the lift and once the driver is out of the cab they raise the platform to the height of the truck floor. From there the driver moves the load onto the platform and then rides down to ground level where the product is moved into the store’s backroom and to the dairy cooler.

End Result

The operator has full control over the dock lift motion with the pre-wired, NEMA-4X hand-held push-button controller.  The lift safely and smoothly lowers the platform to the ground without jostling the load. The dairy cases are then transported on dollies designed specifically for milk crates the short distance from the HULK’s platform into the dairy coolers. This efficient operation means the driver can quickly get the dairy load off the truck, load on empty containers and move so the next truck can access the lift for unloading.

For more information or to read the full Market Basket please click here: 

Top 3 Loading Dock Must Haves for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Pharmaceutical storage is big business. In fact researchers from Tufts and another group from Eli Lilly estimated the total cost of inventing and developing a drug at $1 billion, or possibly more. But what happens during this ‘inventing and developing’? And how exactly do these companies keep their hefty price tagged creations safe and secure? By using the most innovative equipment pharmaceutical companies can ensure optimal temperatures and security measures remain intact at all times during, before and after the inventing and developing stages. So if you’ve always wondered what goes on behind closed Pharma doors stay tuned to find out:

Why is ‘Pharma’ considered a sensitive industry?

4SIGHT Management SoftwareMoney and active ingredients, yes Investment in healthcare is a very strong motivation to want to ‘protect’ the product with billions of dollars riding on research for the next big medical breakthrough, the cure for cancer, the pill that addresses a long-term chronic illness. It makes sense that this environment is monitored to perfection and security measures are enforced with high regard.

Why is temperature so import in the Pharma industry?

Well, that has much to do with (API) or the active pharmaceutical ingredient which is a substance or a mixture of substances intended to be used to manufacture a drug of some sort. When it is used to make this drug it becomes the ‘active’ ingredient and in order for this ingredient to remain active for its purpose whether to cure, treat or prevent disease or affect the body function for a desired effect it must be maintained in its current form. Now, we know what heat does to eggs, flour, sugar and milk once whisked together? It causes a delicious and intended reaction. Yet when heat or temperature fluctuation causes an unintended reaction it can have devastating consequences, and where active ingredients are concerned no one wants devastating consequences. So temperature is a major concern for those folks operating pharmaceutical loading docks.


Continuing our list of concerns is contamination. This is any contamination that can interfere with the drug and its properties, dirt, other substances anything that destroys or damages the complex structure of the drug and its active ingredients. Contamination can occur at any point in the life of a drug from its onset, through manufacturing to delivery to the selves of your local pharmacy.

1. Automatically control doors with 4SIGHT to prevent  cross contamination

Cross contamination presents a threat to a variety of environments, like schools, factories, restaurants and other buildings, but pharmaceutical facilities are maybe one of the most alarming arenas for cross contamination. This type of contamination occurs when bacteria or other damaging substance is spread between people, equipment or food. So how do you keep these pharmaceuticals safe and secure?

Doors! Sounds straight forward but thanks to the unique capabilities of the 4SIGHT system you can operate the required door interlocks and actually program the interior doors in any high security facility to lock down based on specific parameters. Locking down certain doors means you have the ability to allow only those who are authorized to enter certain rooms or areas, keeping precious active ingredients safe and away from contamination sources.

 It is the goal of any pharmaceutical manufacturer or distribution center to ensure that contamination forces are under control and that all drugs are safe from exposure.

2. Protect active ingredients even before they arrive at the facility

That’s why we love 4SIGHT, it uses state-of-the-art technology to provide increased visibility, productivity and security throughout the yard, loading dock, warehouse floor, and for Pharma helps maintain status and integrity of interior doors. Whether you need a yard management system with real-time RFID and GPS information, a dock management system that helps increase efficiency, or a customized solution for your specific drug application, 4SIGHT can provide the tools to make the most of any pharmaceutical operation’s security. And security is paramount in any pharmaceutical operation.

Trucks and trailers carrying sensitive pharmaceuticals can now be outfitted with GPS tracking, anti-theft devices, temperature monitoring and door open sensors. Crooks however, have gotten smarter and will try to find and disable the GPS device and/or have another trailer waiting to offload the goods within a few minutes. To counteract this, pharmaceutical companies also may hide a small GPS device somewhere on the trailer. Trailers may also be outfitted with an electronic lock that requires a PIN to get into the trailer. Some have a magnetic lock on the inside that can only be unlocked remotely via a secure cellular link.

This 4SIGHT system gives companies and management ultimate control when it comes to security for their highly controlled shipping process.  Not to mention, with a tight shift controlled by extensive security measures afforded with 4SIGHT  companies can better manage resources, time and money by saving on the need for additional supervisory level staff on the shipping floor.

3. Vertical Storing Dock Levelers keep active ingredients safe coming off the trailer

These dock levelers are completely contained within the facility, and can be installed on a continuous shelf.  With vertical levelers, pharmaceutical facilities can easily wash the loading dock area without having to deal with concrete pits or gaps. The ability to wash this area down reduces risk of contamination.

The vertical leveler is completely contained inside the facility offering another factor that makes this leveler ideal for the pharma industry because loss of energy due to openings between the leveler and the dock door is significantly reduced.  With standard pit levelers, air can escape through the gaps between the leveler and the concrete pit, as well as between the leveler and the door, creating inconsistent temperatures.  Inconsistent temperatures as mentioned above are grossly damaging to active ingredients in pharmaceutical shipments. A vertical leveler enables a quality dock door to close flush to the warehouse floor and prevent air and energy loss and also increasing security levels another key objective in pharma storage.

4SIGHT, where it all comes together and starts to make sense

With the staggering cost of inventing new drugs there is no room for costly mishaps. By adopting the best methods and installing the most innovative equipment any pharmaceutical operation can enforce sensitive temperature requirements, defend against contamination and maintain a tight rope on security at the loading dock and inside the building. The only question remaining, “Is 1 billion dollars’ worth protecting?”

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4 Ways to light up smart with LED


Yes, there is more than ONE way to light up smart at the loading dock. Dock lights serve  a variety of different functions from the typical ‘illumination’ to guiding trailers as they reverse back into the dock helping to prevent loading dock accidents, even serving as a communication system at the loading dock. Join us as we shed some light on dock lighting:

1.       Dock lights. First and foremost, ideal loading dock lights areE Saver 38 LED rugged and built to withstand even the most severe fork lift, trailer and product load impacts. Several LED dock light models are available, from high-impact units designed specifically to be impacted to flexible arm models that move the lamp out of the way upon impact and allow for easy repositioning. A good energy smart option for those of you with existing incandescent dock lights, E-Saver 38™ LED Replacement Lamp. This cool little lamp can very easily replace your energy guzzling bulbs for some dramatic energy-savings starting day one.


2.       Light Communication Systems. This is an extremely important safety tool for dock workers and truck drivers. High visibility LED flashing green/red lights, like APS & GO - LED™ Light Communication Systems reduce the potential for accidents from truck drivers pulling away before loading/unloading is finished. When the light is flashing green, the truck driver knows it is safe for him to pull away. On the other hand, if the light is red this is an indication that loading/unloading is not complete and so the truck should not pull away from the dock.  This system also works some communication magic on the interior of the dock as well. The dock worker uses that to communicate the dock status to the driver of the trailer using a toggle switch (green/red) helping to establish consistently clear and safe conditions.


3.       Guide lights. These Guide Lights do exactly what the name suggests - provide a focal point and help guide drivers which can greatly reduce the risk of overrunning the dock. The dual guide light's adjustable reflectors produce a focused light pattern that illuminates the dock surface exactly where needed to assist a driver in lining up the trailer square to the dock. Whatever the weather condition, bright sunlight, fog or during the dark nighttime hours, guide lights are a valuable component of any safe loading dock.


4.       Warning lights. Generally these strobe lights are portable andDock Strobe™ Maintenance Light are battery powered for example Dock Strobe™ Maintenance Light. Any employee performing maintenance at a loading dock should be equipped with a warning light to notify others of their presence and keep them safe. The clever light can be placed on top of the dock leveler and serves to notify all others that maintenance is occurring and a worker is present so take caution.  By flashing the light will warn others to prevent activating the leveler and injuring the employee beneath.

If you’ve been putting updating your lighting on the back burner, make 2014 the year that you make a change. Dock lights can increase productivity levels by ensuring areas are well light, trailers can line up without too much hassle, and workers are safe while performing maintenance and so much more, the benefits are endless. If you are unsure as to what areas need to be updated or where to start first give our dock lighting specialists a call at 262-518-1000 or better yet simply click here!

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R-value what is it and how does it work?


So you run a distribution center, warehouse of some sort or any large facility and you store items that are temperature sensitive, or perhaps you just want to conserve energy inside your building for the sake of energy-savings. Well take a look at your sectional doors because when it comes to energy conservation, doors, those things that close your facility off to the elements have a substantial say in what’s coming in and what’s going out. TKO uses the term R-value quite a bit and so we’ve decided to offer a quick explanation as to what exactly R-value is and why you and your energy efficient loading dock might benefit from it.

What the heck is R-value?

TKO Doors ThermalWeight DoorIn a nutshell, this is a term that is used quite frequently by folks in the construction industry and it describes a measure of thermal resistance. In other words R-value explains the relationship that exists between the heat and the insulator, insulation is basically like the battle against the movement of heat through a piece of material. It is quite common to see it at the loading dock or where insulated doors are concerned like thermal doors, those produced by the leader in energy-efficient dock door manufacturing, TKO Dock Doors, are built on a basic principle, to offer superior insulation in order to protect the temperature of the facility inside and prevent heat movement through gaps such as door panels and/or joints.

How do you work out the R-value?

Easy, it’s simply the thickness of the material in question (e.g. sectional door) divided by the thermal conductivity, this results in the unit value (insulation value) of any given piece of material. So let’s say you wanted to work out the unit of thermal resistance of an entire area like for example, a wall in your facility, just divide it by the cross-sectional area of the depth of the wall to compute the thermal resistance. This value shows you exactly how ‘insulated’ that area is. With R-value the higher number equates to a superior level of insulation effectiveness. Take a sectional warehouse door for example, the  higher the R-value the better the insulation will be and the less energy loss or heat transfer that will occur.

What types of applications benefit from higher R-value?

Any facility that is concerned about heat movement, food and beverage, electronics, pharmaceuticals you name it! The TKO ThermalWeight® is an impactable door that  offers higher R-value insulation for all those applications out there with higher R-value requirements. The ThermalWeight utilizes 4” thick, moisture-resistant, R-23 insulated panels to offer highly regulated temperature controlled environments the perfect mix of thermal and damage protection.

This door is not just about its insulated panels, the ThermalWeight’s tight perimeter weather seal incorporates a double loop seal so it’s built to stand up against impacts and energy loss.  The seal is attached to the door versus mounted to the door jamb, keeping it out of the way of fork lifts and other traffic avoiding damage and providing a more consistent seal. 

TKO can help you meet your R-value requirements

It’s true and there are many benefits to meeting these requirements the obvious being the increased energy-savings and the decreased energy bills but there is also an opportunity to receive a federal tax credit thanks to operating a more energy efficient building.

To find out more about TKO and energy efficiency and discover ways in which you can improve your energy outlook for 2014 call one of our TKO Dock Door specialists today:  1-877-408-6788

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Do you know the Energy Score in your Facility?


Whether it’s energy in or energy out that’s the problem, it certainly pays to know where airflow is occurring in your facility and at what cost. TKO door specialists are your go-to resource when it comes to figuring out how much energy is seeping through gaps and costing you in electrical charges. You might say “well, my building isn’t losing any energy because I can’t see any gaps” and you wouldn’t be alone in this belief. However, the harsh reality is that you simply cannot afford to trust your eyes. Energy could be rapidly escaping through dozens of gaps that a naked eye would never see. Thanks again to the wonders of technology and TKO one of our door specialists has the tools necessary to show you exactly where your facility is losing energy.

It’s called TKO Dock Doors Energy Efficiency Analysis!

Here how it works:

A statistical review of energy loss at a dock opening

TKO Doors thermal imaging toolUsing time-tested analytical evaluations, a TKO door specialist will establish an accurate picture to illustrate exactly where the most energy loss is coccuring.  Many times, the hot spots are around the outsides of the dock doors and in between the door joints. 

State-of-the-art thermal imaging to confirm gaps and energy loss

Using a thermal imaging camera, the TKO door specialist will scan your door and pinpoint any areas of energy loss. The evidence is highlighted through the use of color so it’s easy to see exactly where the air leakage is occurring.

Site-specific energy loss calculations and documentation

Using the initial statistical analysis in addition to the information gathered through the thermal imaging exercise your TKO specialist will write up a tailored report, specific to your facility. This document gives you a snapshot of the losses that you are incurring simply because your doors are not sufficiently sealing your property. But it’s not all negative because this report also serves to show you areas of opportunity. At the end of the day you can stand back and say “Okay I’m losing x amount of dollars due to doors A, B, and C, however if I resolve this air leakage problem I will be able to save x amount of dollars to invest in other areas of my business that need attention".

Recommendations for service and/or replacement dock door equipment

Based on the site-specific energy loss calculations your TKO specialist will now have the full picture and be able to pinpoint all areas of energy loss. Using these vitals he/she will be equipped to recommend the best door to help hedge against door damage and energy loss. Energy-savings is not just about saving money, yes, okay that’s a major part of it, and maybe the most important part for many, but the fact is: a facility that is energy efficient is also kinder on the environment. By using less resources and conserving energy your operation could be on the way to achieve its sustainability objectives in 2014!

Make 2014 the year you decrease your carbon footprint? Call one of our TKO Dock Door specialists today: 1-800-558-6960

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Oh and if you’re interested in technology and specifically technology for this industry check out our new blog 4SIGHT is the intelligent software that powers iFAN
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