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The Loading Dock: Keeping it Fresh and Clean


When it comes to our food, we want the best.  We expect that in restaurants and homes our food is treated in the most sanitary way possible: cooking meat to the proper temperature, washing fruits and vegetables, sanitizing pots and dishes and making sure prep areas are clean.  What we don’t always think about, however, is the condition of the loading docks and warehouses that our food passes over each day.

Food storage facilities require strict adherence to USDA guidelines and other regulations when it comes to the conditions on their loading docks.  Many dock areas require daily wash-downs, which can become difficult if the dock contains pit-style levelers.  The more obstructions there are on a dock floor, the more difficult it is to effectively sanitize an area.  More and more, food storage facilities are turning to loading dock equipment companies to come up with solutions for keeping docks safe and sanitary.

One effective option available to food handling is to install Serco or Kelley Vertical Storing Dock Levelers.  These dock levelers are completely contained within the facility, and can be installed on a continuous shelf.  With vertical levelers, food storage facilities can easily wash the loading dock area without having to deal with the concrete pit and the gaps they tend to create which can be hard to thoroughly  clean.  The vertical leveler enables facilities to adhere to the strict standards set by regulatory agencies as well as the expectations of their customers by allowing easy access for wash-down and cleaning.

In addition, because the vertical leveler is completely contained inside the facility, loss ofSerco vertical storing leveler and a VertiCool by TKO. energy due to openings between the leveler and the dock door is significantly reduced.  With standard pit levelers, air can escape through the gaps between the leveler and the concrete pit, as well as between the leveler and the door, creating inconsistent temperatures.  The vertical leveler enables a quality dock door to close flush to the warehouse floor and prevent air and energy loss. 

Besides just the sanitary benefits, vertical levelers help food storage facilities also maintain more consistent temperatures and protect their dock doors. Because of the vertical storing position of these levelers, the dock door is protected from forklift and pallet impacts without suffering damage or creating gaps around the doorway.  Whether the leveler is in use or not, it’s working with the insulated door to make your dock more energy efficient.  Utilizing specially designed insulated doors, such as VertiCool by TKO, can further increase the facility’s ability to maintain temperature control and thus freshness.

So, the next time you sit down to order a meal at a restaurant or pick out produce or meat at the grocery store be grateful for loading dock equipment that helps keep you and your family healthy.  For more information about these protectors of the food, please visit


Harborage may still be a problem for Kelley/Serco vertical levelers, based on past experience. It is an easy fix.
Posted @ Monday, October 08, 2012 9:33 AM by Bruce H. Anderson
Loading dock areas should be kept clean and hygienic and various dock levelers should be used to store food. 
Steel Yard Ramps  
Posted @ Tuesday, October 30, 2012 6:38 AM by Janie Bill
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